How Do We Do It?


Where does your profile rank?

In Google Search

What number is your business? How many competitors show up before you in the #1 search tool in the world.


AI Systems

We use AI to check all of your local area to see how you rank on the computers and phones of the people near your office. Each red dot has a number that tells what position your business is ranking.

This is what is seen on Google when you search for any business or service on Google Search today. The top 3 are seen on page 1 of Google.

The Targeted business location is in the center of shown map.

The areas with a red, yellow and orange dots are underperforming. The dots with an "X" on them show zero presence on maps and search at all. In the places where there is a number, that number is the exact number you will rank if you pull a Google search from that location on the map. It is your Geo Targeted Search Information.

We rate all your Keywords

This is a client who has an increasing account. You can see that they rank in the top 3 for 68 different keywords. When they began with us they did not rank in the top 3.

We research new Keywords, test them, then analyze the performance word by word, every month.

We do not leave anything to guess. We systematically test, remove the underperforming, replace with new words, and retest.

Monthly Keyword Edits

We remove the non performing keywords to optimize your account.

As you see here in the graphic, the keywords in tan at the bottom are N/a which means the word is not performing for your business, so we remove it and replace it with something better. Then we run a new test on the new words.

We use analytics to decide, not opinions. You can see the current position of the word and how you are ranking for it in the numbers show on the image by the keyword on the left side.

Progress Tracking

These are a client's beginning statistics

We analyze the data monthly to make sure your ranking continues to improve.

These are a client's data showing a 20% increase in 1 month.

Drive new clients to your business

This is data analytics from varying reports we pull to check performance and tweak what is underperforming.

We use AI to remove the guesswork and see clear data to know what works and what doesn't

In this Graphic, a Client was seeing a 100% increase in Photo Views on their account over a 1 month period.

We provide insights along the way with extensive reporting

We Track Profile Data

Real Data and analytics shows how many people are actually contacting you so you can be assured of your real performance.

We can track actual calls that were made from the Google App to show you that you are being found and your Google Business Profile is delivering clients.

We can track visits to your website that are driven from your Google Business Profile. From there it is up to you to convert them into clients. Now you can see how many new people you are reaching each month.

Who is actually visiting? Now you know how many actually used maps to come to your location! That is direct performance analytics.

These are client statistics showing monthly exponential gains.

Real, Measurable Results

Get your Google Business Profile in the green!

This is our actual client. We want you to be our next success story.

We work from referrals and pay great referral fees :)

We do all this to get you to rank in the top 3 in Google for your service area

This is our real client and their statistics . They are #1 everywhere around their area and sales are taking off!

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